Closing some tabs

Things that have been open on my computer for a while now waiting for me to write quick posts about them:

In response to a lawsuit, EHarmony is merging its straight and gay dating sites (and, of course, the latter was itself created to settle a lawsuit). I’d already speculated, as had Girlfriend, Esq, about whether bisexuals needing to join twice and pay twice would become an issue. Guess so. I still don’t think much of EHarmony, but I’m always glad when people have to acknowledge bisexuals and treat us better.

I’ve been meaning to go through this list of queer women writing SF (in this case SF seems to mean speculative fiction rather than science fiction) for my own library list, but here it is in case you’re interested, too. (Edit: link fixed.)

The proposed sexual and gender identity disorder changes for the DSM-5. Which I haven’t read yet, because I’m a delinquent.

Heather Corinna is doing research on multigenerational experiences with and attitudes around casual sex. If you’re interested in helping.

More research, on being a transgender or gender-variant person. I haven’t yet taken either of the above surveys, so I can’t comment on their quality, but as for the first one I have certainly thought well of Heather Corinna’s work in the past.

2 Responses to “Closing some tabs”

  1. 18 March 2010 at 3:13 am

    The SF/F link is not right.

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