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Bi Lines II: Erika Kate McDonald’s “Fluid”

Following the Putting the “B” in LGBT Summit was Bi Lines II, an evening of readings and performances by bi writers, musicians, and one playwrite. It was a pretty well-put-together evening, it was neat to see Edmund White read, and I’ve decided I like bi songwriter Rorie Kelly and would like to check out more of her work. But the highlight of the evening was the excerpt from Erika Kate McDonald‘s one-woman show, Fluid. In fact, Erika Kate herself was one of the highlights of the Summit. She’s great company, and I was delighted to learn she lives in Brooklyn.

I first saw Fluid over a year and a half ago on a date with Girlfriend, Esq. In fact, when I started this blog I was disappointed that it had been so long that I didn’t feel I remembered it well enough to write about it. So it was great to get to see a bit of it again — my favorite part, no less! Play-by-play after the cut, with pictures. I apologize for the quality of the pictures; I took them on my phone on the spur of the moment. Continue reading ‘Bi Lines II: Erika Kate McDonald’s “Fluid”’


You picked it up and you stuck it in your mouth! That’s how you know!

I got home yesterday from DC, where (among other things) I saw The Wet Spots play. I’d heard of them in passing, and I’d seen the video for Do You Take It, which has very little to do with the post at hand, but is so awesome you should watch it anyway:


Right. So. I’d heard of The Wet Spots, but knew very little about them and showed up having no idea what to expect. And what I got was Cass King and John Woods: a self-proclaimed bisexual, polyamorous, kinky, sex-positive cabaret duo. They’re utterly adorable. Utterly. I thoroughly enjoyed their show. I went into it kind of tired and sad, and two sets later I was giggly and flushed and looking forward to anything the evening might throw at me. Continue reading ‘You picked it up and you stuck it in your mouth! That’s how you know!’