Bi Lines II: Erika Kate McDonald’s “Fluid”

Following the Putting the “B” in LGBT Summit was Bi Lines II, an evening of readings and performances by bi writers, musicians, and one playwrite. It was a pretty well-put-together evening, it was neat to see Edmund White read, and I’ve decided I like bi songwriter Rorie Kelly and would like to check out more of her work. But the highlight of the evening was the excerpt from Erika Kate McDonald‘s one-woman show, Fluid. In fact, Erika Kate herself was one of the highlights of the Summit. She’s great company, and I was delighted to learn she lives in Brooklyn.

I first saw Fluid over a year and a half ago on a date with Girlfriend, Esq. In fact, when I started this blog I was disappointed that it had been so long that I didn’t feel I remembered it well enough to write about it. So it was great to get to see a bit of it again — my favorite part, no less! Play-by-play after the cut, with pictures. I apologize for the quality of the pictures; I took them on my phone on the spur of the moment.

She starts off by musing about all of the people who ask if being bisexuals means one’s attractions are 50/50. Who does this question serve? Who is the answer for? Is it for her? She doubts it, and so do I. Still, she decides to figure it out. And then she totally captured my heart by doing math. Behold:


I notice now that she starts off with the givens that people are either male or female, and that pairings are m/f, f/f, or f/m.  I don’t remember having a problem with the way that was said, though, so possibly she got a bit more nuanced with it. I honestly don’t remember.

The next page, which I missed taking a picture of because it went by so quickly and I hadn’t yet decided to get them all, simply said “HOW GAY AM I?” And then we were off and running figuring it out. First we look at the past…


I don’t even remember what all of that stood for. Other than URMRF, which was unconsummated reasonably monogamous romantic friendships. Still, looking at it I always crack up, and hearing her go through explaining it is even better.


Like in the Klein Grid, current behavior and thoughts about the future are both important here.


I love the realization that community matters to this.  I truly believe that the people one spends time with and their values affect one’s behavior — I know spending so much of my time in women&trans spaces and radical lefty queer communities has made a difference in my dating life.  And “Genetic Factors: Data not available” makes me giggle.


Are you ready? Drumroll, please…


And then she went out into the world armed with that self-knowledge, and…promptly fell in love with a boy.

Yeah. I love it. See it if you get a chance.  Or anything else she does; rumor has it she’s working on a new piece.

4 Responses to “Bi Lines II: Erika Kate McDonald’s “Fluid””

  1. 1 jess
    23 June 2009 at 10:00 pm

    ooh – so curious to check this out. this post is rad. thx.

  2. 2 mizz t. casa
    24 June 2009 at 1:48 pm

    great post. luv the “genetic data: not available” too. 🙂

  3. 25 June 2009 at 1:20 am

    I discovered your blog recently, and it is truly a wonderful thing. I have my own reasons for choosing not to use the label “bisexual”, but I respect and admire your reasons for using it, and I love what you are doing here for those of us whose orientation encompasses a plurality of sexes / genders.

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