Bi Visibility Weekend in NYC

The Bi Writers Association is hosting a Bi Visibility Weekend in NYC May 30th and 31st, including a Putting the “B” in LGBT Summit, with a pretty awesome lineup. There’s also a dinner and a reading afterward, and a brunch the next day. I can’t promise you’ll see me there — I’ve had other plans for weeks, and I’m trying to decide what to do and lamenting the fact that I can’t be in two places at once (that’s such a problem this spring!) — but it looks like a very worthwhile way to spend a day or weekend.

The email they sent me, complete with details:

Did you think we would ask you to come to NY for only one event? The Putting the “B” in LGBT Summit is only one in an entire weekend of fabulous bi events!

The Bi Writers Association presents:

Bi Visibility Weekend

1.Putting the “B” in LGBT Summit

2.Dinner Honoring Bi Writers & Bis in Media

3.Bi Lines II: A Celebration of Bisexual Writing in Readings, Song & Drama

4.Bi Pride Brunch

Saturday May 30

11am-6:30pm Putting the “B” in LGBT Summit [The link above has more complete information on the Summit –Aviva]

Keynote Speaker: Robyn Ochs

LGBT Community Center, 208 W 13 St., 7-8 Ave, New York NY 10011

This will be the single most influential event to date on putting the “B” in LGBT! This Summit brings together bi activists, national LGBT organizations, journalists, bloggers & political office holders to brainstorm about how to remedy the persistent bi-invisibility in reports on LGBT rights issues. We also welcome anyone who would like to learn more about the myths and realities of bisexuality. Meet bi speakers who are married to a same-sex partner, have suffered military discrimination and job discrimination. Fantastic program and amazing roster of speakers!

Co-organized by the LGBT Community Center and co-sponsored by The Gay & Lesbian Task Force and The New York Times Company GLBT & Allies Affinity Group

6:30-8:15pm Dinner Honoring Bi Writers & Bis in Media

Vynl Restaurant-Chelsea, 102 8th Ave @ 15 St, 2 blocks from LGBT Center

Enjoy a delicious dinner with an amazing group of bi writers, journalists &

broadcasters amongst the pop culture décor of this popular Chelsea hotspot.

Menu: http://www.menupages.com/restaurantdetails?restaurantid=49591

8:30 -11:00pm

Bi Lines II: A Celebration of Bisexual Writing in Readings, Song & Drama

Readings by 2008 Bisexual Lammy Award nominees plus other bi book authors.

Music by bi songwriters Rob Barton, Luisa McBee Light & Rorie Kelly

Scenes from the bisexual play, Fluid. “A veritable Bi Culture Explosion!”

Co-sponsored by Lambda Literary Foundation

LGBT Community Center, 208 W 13 St. 7-8 Ave, New York NY 10011

Sunday May 31

1-3pm Bi Pride Brunch

Backyard garden of East of Eighth Restaurant, 254 W. 23rd Street 7-8th Ave

Enjoy the lovely fountain, flowers, fishpond…and a fabulous group of bisexual

people celebrating bi pride at this queer-friendly Chelsea favorite.

Menu: http://www.eastofeighthny.com/

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