When is that, anyway?

I’ve been frustrated with myself lately because I keep missing things like Blog for Choice Day and Rabbit Hole Day.  I tend to be a few days behind on my blog reading and only find out about them after the fact, when I see everyone else’s posts. I was telling Sarah the other day that there should be a Google Calender where everything like that is gathered in one place, and realized that the easiest thing would be to just make one myself and share it. So, I bring you BlogEventsCal. It’s pretty spare right now, so please leave a comment if you know of anything that should be on it (including non-blogging-specific things like Transgender Day of Remembrance that progressive bloggers will want to remember to blog about. I’ll probably spend some time tomorrow looking up dates for more of those.) The dates for International Blog Against Racism Week would also be super-helpful, I haven’t yet been able to find them.

1 Response to “When is that, anyway?”

  1. 1 willendork
    14 March 2009 at 3:22 pm

    What a great idea! Some possible (non-blogging-specific) additions:

    -Roe Day (Jan 22)
    -Day of Silence (Apr 17 ’09)
    -Nat’l Coming Out Day (Oct 11)

    And of course, Int’l Talk Like a Pirate Day (on Sept 19). 😉

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