Weekly round-up

It’s a short week this week, since last week spilled over into the weekend. I can’t say that much has gotten done in Aviva land. It’s been mostly work and errands, and those frustrating days where lots of little things go wrong and make you crazy, but nothing big enough that you feel like you get to really whine about it. But here’s what the corner of the world I’ve been observing has to offer us.

I had trouble finding a more reputable-seeming source for this one, but it seemed worth sharing anyway. Not least because I’m confused by it. It seems a woman in Singapore sued for custody of her child as part of divorce proceedings, arguing that because her ex-husband is bisexual, he would be an immoral influence on their child. District judge Khoo Oon Soo disagreed: “’I was also of the view there was no evidence to suggest that (Jim) with his lifestyle could not be a good father. I was, therefore, of the view that the child should not be deprived of the father’s inputs on these areas as he grows up.” He then goes on to allow the father only supervised access to his son, in deference to the mother’s fears. I’m a little confused by the way this decision wants to have it both ways — if he’s not unfit to be a father because of his bisexual “lifestyle,” then why restrict his access to the child? I do wonder, though, whether he didn’t dispute his ex-wife’s claims that he wasn’t equipped to deal with their child’s disabilities and his bisexuality would expose the child to “immoral influences” because he did not, in fact, want custody. I can think of half a dozen reasons he wouldn’t dispute those claims, and that’s without knowing how Singapore is for queers in general, but that could be one of them.

Someone gave George W. Bush two weeks’ notice! That’s brilliant! I thought it was never going to end…Of course, it’s a little bit inaccurate; his employment is being terminated as a routine matter, not as a result of gross incompetence. Still funny, though.

The House has gone gender-neutral
. Look, the way we use language does actually matter! And they actually did a pretty good job of it, too. Their new language isn’t all “he/she.” And it actually sounds natural, it doesn’t sound like someone talking in circles to avoid using pronouns. Check it out here; it’s a long .pdf, but the gender-neutrality rules start on page 9.

There’s a great post up on Bilerico about the religious right’s attempt to frame gay rights as incursions on their freedom of religion. Guest blogger Travis Ballie is right that we need more organized arguments against it — and not ones that hinge on the idea that, if treating queers like human beings violates your religious beliefs, then your religion is bad. I do believe that, and sometimes find myself arguing that way, but telling people that their religion sucks is not a very effective way to get them to listen to you. Maybe we should try arguing that treating queers equally doesn’t violate their religious freedom, and that it most likely doesn’t violate their religion’s rules, either.

For those of you in the New York area — Bi-Furious favorite Jessica Hoffmann will be in Brooklyn this Saturday promoting make/shift, the feminist magazine she coedits and copublishes. I desperately wish I could be there, and likely would have found a way if I’d found out about it more than a day and a half in advance, but you should still go. You can tell me all about it. I just subscribed to make/shift and haven’t received my first issue yet, but everything I’ve heard has been high praise from people I respect, and their list of contributors is awesome. I’m expecting great things.

I’m trying to figure out what to make of this casting call for bisexuals. It sounds like it’s probably for a talk show wherein people get to defend the validity of their sexual orienatation, yay! I can’t help but dread that. We all know how respectfully such shows tend to treat their guests, and how seriously they’re likely to take bisexuality. I’ll keep an eye out for it, though. I’d consider responding, just to make sure they had someone halfway capable on, but a) they’re probably dismissing halfway capable people out of hand, if I’m right about what kind of show it is, and b) I’m awfully camera-shy. Maybe in a few years my activism will be stronger than my camera-shyness, and I will be able to consider going on national television, but that time is not yet.

And speaking of casting calls, the Lesbian and Gay Foundation in the UK is looking for “diverse” models to “represent the community” in their magazine, website, and health resources. I know nothing about LGF, but points to them that they’re looking for lesbian and bisexual models. That’s one form of diversity, at least.

5 Responses to “Weekly round-up”

  1. 1 jess
    9 January 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Thanks for saying nice things about make/shift on your blog before you’ve even read it! Just thought I’d mention that I sent your mags Tuesday via priority mail — so they should be in your mailbox today. Very much looking forward to hearing what you think, and so sorry we won’t be crossing paths at the event tonight. –Jess
    (Oh, and I almost want someone to believe I’m a beauty journalist for a second for pure humorous incongruity, but while I’m here I’ll mention: I’m not really Jessica-Hoffman-the-makeup-artist-at-the-above-link. My last name has two n’s, so I’m at http://jessicahoffmann.com.)

  2. 2 Aviva
    9 January 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Oh, you must have looked during the ten seconds I had that link up! I looked at it, realized it was all wrong, and took it down, but I didn’t have a chance to find the right one. Thanks for that, and for the spelling correction.
    And yay! Magazines soon! I didn’t check the mail on the way in ’cause I had my arms full of flowers, but I’ll take a look on my way back out.
    (Event tonight? I thought it was Saturday?)

  3. 3 jess
    10 January 2009 at 10:12 am

    oy, yes, you are so right – event is now *tonight* – saturday. i’m calendar-confused …

  4. 4 rkt
    10 January 2009 at 12:31 pm

    the house-language change is awesome.

    i’d finally gotten around to rsvp-ing the party less than 24 hours prior to this post…i love and adore make/shift and don’t want to lose yet another great magazine.

  5. 5 Jen
    12 January 2009 at 11:08 am

    LGF benefit from being based in the same city as the longest running bi group in the UK and where Bi Community News is published.

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